Nothing in the Dark Josh Woodward

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Исполнитель: Josh Woodward

Название песни: Nothing in the Dark

Дата добавления: 2017-10-15

Продолжительность mp3: 04:44

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Текст песни:

Fear of what the messenger is showing
Ignorance of what the fear is knowing
In the mind, it feels like treason
Going off without a reason
Dim the lights and change the season
Blow the candle out

Shaded by the shadow of a doubt
Painted by the colors fading out
Wash away the blank expression
Fill it with a new direction
Plain to see it all when there is nothing left to see

Break the lights and pull the curtains down
Shelter timber from the sparks
Run away from what is hiding
Silent hopes are terrorizing
Try to see it all but there is nothing in the dark

Broken shards of mirror on the ground
Who knows what that messenger had found
Sweep it up and take the trash out
Never let reflections lash out
Staring back at you without a momentary glance

Space invasion revelation time
Crossing toes and stepping out of line
Take the path of least resistance
Close your eyes and keep your distance
Who would take a penny when you're offering a dime?

chorus, solo, chorus

Josh Woodward - Nothing In The Dark
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